The Stand-alone Stories
Collage by Belle at The M & S Art Gallery
Sunset Visitation
Not a part of the Miraculous Series,
but would fit well between stories 2 & 3

MSR, vignette
Rated NC-17,  5k
Post "This Is Not Happening"

Her hungry body beckons to him...

March 1, 2001
Sins Of Omission
MSR, Scully/Doggett friendship
Rated PG-13,  34k
Season 8,  MissingMulder

Too many important things were left to chance...

February 17, 2001
A Worthy Task
Rated G,  10k
Season 8,  post pregnancy

Sacrifices made in the name of love
are often worthy of the greater reward...

November 14, 2000
Take Another Breath
MSR,  vignette
Rated PG,  19k

What thoughts linger in Scully's mind
with an injured, sleeping Mulder
in her arms... ?

September 10, 2000
The Taste Test
MSR,  vignette
Rated PG,  21k
Post "Sein und Zeit"

What should Mulder do
when a special message is capable
of helping -- and hurting -- the woman
he loves?

February 11, 2000
Opening The Door
MSR,  vignette
Rated R,  11k
Post "Orison"

Scully reflects on the special part
Mulder plays in the healing that must
take place in her life.

January 31, 2000
I Need You
Sequel to "I Know You"
MSR,  story
Rated PG-13,  36k
Post "Milagro"

Mulder and Scully come to terms
with the past, separation,
and new intimacy...

January 17, 2000
I Know You
MSR,  vignette
Rated PG,  12k
Post "Millennium"

How will life unfold
for Scully and Mulder after the kiss?

December 9, 1999
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What Child Is This?

MSR, a Christmas story
Rated PG, 24k
Post "The Truth"

All things happen for a reason...
and isn't this the season for miracles?

November 24, 2002
Dustjacket by Diana Battis
2001 Spooky Awards Honorable Mention
for Outstanding Short Story or Vignette
2003 Spooky Awards Winner!
1st Place - Outstanding Short Story
1st Place - Outstanding Post-Series Story
2nd Place - Outstanding Dana Scully Characterization
2nd Place - Outstanding Angst Story
2nd Place - Outstanding Characterization of Other X-Files Character (William)
3rd Place - Outstanding Mulder/Scully Domestic Story
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Low Profile

Mulder POV, humor & UST
Rated PG-13, 21k
"Bad Blood"

She shifts in the dark coat uncomfortably
and her chin juts.
"You wanna hear *my* story now, I suppose?"

October 14, 2004
Dustjacket by Diana Battis
A Midnight Clear

MSR, a Christmas story
Sequel to "What Child Is This?"
Rated R, 26k
Post "The Truth"

The phrase "Peace on earth,
good will towards men"
is nothing more than outdated drivel,
considering what Mulder knows of the future.
Until tonight...

December 15, 2004
Screen capture by Chrisnu
2004 Spooky Awards Winner!
2004 Spooky Awards Winner!
1st Place - Outstanding Short Story
1st Place - Outstanding Fox Mulder Characterization
1st Place - Outstanding Post Series Story
1st Place - Outstanding Mulder/Scully Domestic Story

1st Place - Humor Story