Stand-alone Stories
Collage by Amy at the Haven
The X-Files and its many characters are the creation of Chris Carter and 1013 Productions.
I am simply borrowing them for a short time and putting them right back.
No profit from anything.
X-Files Fiction
by mountainphile
The Miraculous Series
An angsty trilogy
Exactly what they sound like!
Updated 10/23/09
My personal "Thank You" to the X-Files...
Curious about this writer called mountainphile?
An interview and an awesome collage for "The Miraculous Series"
can be found at the wonderful fic rec site 
"How Does It End?"
"Seeds Of Synchronicity"
A casefile novel
2002 Spooky Awards Winner!
2001 Spooky Awards Winner!
"Waiting In Motion"
2002 Spooky Awards Winner!
"Signs Of Life"
Welcome to my stories!

Nearly all of them celebrate the "MSR" (Mulder and Scully in a romantic relationship)
but you'll find varying points-of-view, length, intensity, and genre.

(All stories are clearly rated G through NC-17)

2003 Spooky Awards Winner!
"What Child Is This?"
2004 Spooky Awards Winners!
"A Midnight Clear"
"Low Profile"

"Diametrically Opposed"
A casefile novel
In the "Seeds Of Synchronicity" universe
The Trespassin' Series
A pair of colorful stories
from a unique third-person POV
2004 Spooky Awards Winner!
"Breathin' Room"

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