Everything I know about "partnership"
I learned from the X-Files...
* Partners always remain in pairs, despite separation for seasons at a time.
Collage by Tere at Tere's X-Files Art
* "Platonic" is a concept both fluid  and entirely subject to interpretation..
* Partners watch one another's back -- tattooed or otherwise.
* Death cannot destroy true partnership... or true love.
* A partnership is a single entity, an irrevocable trust between two people.
* A partner's fishtank can be a dandy nightlight.
My thanks to the X-Files...
to David and Gillian for bringing such amazing chemistry to the screen in the characters of Mulder and Scully,
to the other principles and cast members for their abilities and  triumphs,
to Chris Carter for a vision as awesome and far-reaching as "The X-Files" series,
to the production staff and writers,
to the crews -- both technical and otherwise, Vancouver, LA, or elsewhere,
to the fans, who have been an unerring base of support for the show,
to Fanfiction, which has allowed me to expand the borders of canonicity and go with "my" vision,
to the fanfic community in general -- you've become friends and fellow vision-sharers in a most magical arena.

May the dream continue...

mountainphile / Patti

* "Partner" is simply another word for best friend, lover, special person, one in 5 billion, Mulder or Scully, touchstone, savior, significant other, trusted one, beloved human being.
* Belief is relative, trust is non-negotiable in the search for truth.
* Partners share keys, enemies, cups of tea, and casefiles,
among  other mundane things in life.
* A partner can read your mind, sense your fears, feel your pain, share danger and joy,
embrace closeness and intimacy, understand your truth and belief system,
know your foibles and failings  -- and still accept you without question..