Stand Alone Stories
A Christmas Offering
The ultimate covert agent.  Rated G
Spooky Awards 2004 Winner -
Outstanding Specific Word Count Story, 2nd place
For All in Tents and Porpoises
A greasy burger, a Diet Coke, and thee.  Rated PG
Spooky Awards 2004 Winner -
Outstanding Characterization of Dana Scully, 1st place (tie)
A One-Elf Caper
I could blame friendship, the season, or too much eggnog, but in reality it was my damned shoes' fault.  Rated PG 13
Spooky Awards 2002 Winner -
Outstanding Other Series Character Characterization (Frohike), Honorable Mention
Sentinel and Nun
A vigil in the night.  Rated PG 13
Starbuck Awards 2000 Winner -
Outstanding Angst Story
Trust Mulder to gum up the works.  And no, no Chinese takeout here!  Rated PG 13
Clarity comes with the dawn.  NC 17
Spooky Awards 2001 Winner -
Outstanding Doggett Slash, 1st Place
Outstanding Post-Episode/Missing Scene Story, Honorable Mention
Outstanding Mulder Slash, Honorable Mention
The Exponent of Breath
Reflections on love, death & the whole damn thing.  Rated PG 13
The Game
Learning to play can be dangerous...  Rated NC 17
Collaborations :
Come with the Wind: A Story that Blows
by Fanny Sewer-Sendings, Mylanta Badass, and Skintimate Pee.
Mulder is having a hard time, and Scully lends him a hand.  Rated NC 17

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